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Installing Outdoor Lighting

Installing Outdoor Lighting

Not so long ago, exterior lighting choices were limited. You could have a simple porch lantern or opt for the blinding glare of a high-wattage security light — and that was about it.

But now stylish designs can be combined to create a welcoming exterior on dark winter days and balmy summer nights.

Specialist Tommy Sullivan, who owns a business that specialises in outdoor lighting and controls, has seen a marked shift. ‘The trend now is to create a restrained and much more considered scheme,’ he says. ‘Instead of glaring light or feeble solar lights that don’t really work in winter when you need them most, there are genuinely decorative pieces available which are still bright enough to act as a good security measure.’

For most homeowners, the real headache when adding exterior light sources is the upheaval of having to install extra electrical circuits. Fitting circuits retrospectively can be a messy job, although it’s still a good way to introduce a permanent separate lighting system. But there are less invasive ways to achieve good results.

Having more than one circuit means you can introduce layered lighting to your exterior, which is a much more subtle way of illuminating an entrance than relying on one source.